Testimonials from real students.  Can I get an "AMEN!"?

"You have taught me to try something new and love doing it at the same time!"


"You did an awesome job assisting me. I learned so much from you and you gave me the knowledge to know that I can get to where you are. You helped me more than you realized because you made me comfortable. I was at ease and if I messed up you guided me back. I did not have to know everything with you. You made it simple and I adore you for that. You gave me confidence."


"I shit you not that was the best yoga class I have ever been to! PURE BLISS!! The playlist was perfect! Your instructions were clear and encouraging (your vocabulary is genius). Your yogi philosophy is transcendental and beautiful. And your touch is electric!!! When you touched my hand, I felt a wave of incredible energy! You created a fun atmosphere and everyone challenged themselves while feeling calm, supported and joyful! I knew you would be extraordinary - but you blew my mind Holly! I'm still riding the high from your class!! And the friend I brought said he had never been to a class like that before and it was exactly what he needed! He LOVED being able to just flow, laugh, and not be so serious. You took a wonderful ancient tradition and integrated your unique and creative genius."