Yoga at Home: what to expect

June 20, 2017

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There are many reasons to have a yoga teacher come to your home (or even your office during your break) to guide you through your practice:


- convenience;

- if you have shift work hours, work from home, or are a stay at home parent, your class can be planned around your schedule;

- classes are planned based on your needs and abilities;

- if you have anxiety, this can be a huge weight off your shoulders. A review by one of my regulars: "She makes you feel completely at ease, and for someone with some mild social anxiety issues, having one on one sessions is better for me, as I have more focus on my practice and less on feeling anxious. During our sessions, she gives lots of encouragement, ensures that you are getting into your poses correctly, and will modify poses to fit your ability. I always leave my sessions with Holly feeling good both emotionally, and physically."


Plus, it's more affordable than you might think. ;) 


Sounds great, right? So, what should you expect?


Prior to your first class, we will discuss (either through email or on the phone) what you're hoping to achieve with your yoga practice. We'll also cover if you have yoga experience, any injuries that I should be aware of, and a few other practical questions. This will help determine what kind of yoga practice would be best for you at this time. Not into meditation? That's fine, it doesn't have to be part of your practice. Want to try meditation? Great, we'll give it a shot!




Pets are amazing! I have 3 dogs and love them to pieces. However, they might hinder your practice. If you have a really excitable dog, you should consider restricting their access to your practice area (whether that's letting them have a nap in their kennel or putting them in another room) before class is to begin.


You might also want to consider bringing your dog to a doga class!




Kids are great. Just like excitable pets, they might take away from your practice. Your practice time is for you to reconnect to yourself, to relax, and as self-care. If you have kids under the age of 5 or kids of any age who cannot keep themselves entertained while you practice, it would be best to schedule your class either during their usual nap time/bedtime, while they're at daycare or school, or consider having someone else available to watch them during that hour.


Space and Tools


Not much space is needed to practice. As long as you have room for a yoga mat (approximately 24" wide and 68" long) and some space around that to move, you should be fine. If you would like

your session at your workplace, if you have an office or access to a lunchroom or gym space then that will work perfectly. If it's nice outside, consider having your practice taught outdoors! I have been loving teaching people on decks with beautiful warm air and the sun shining.


I personally don't always practice with a yoga mat; however, it can come in handy to give you an idea of your surrounding space and also be used to soften your practice area if you're on harder floors. Towels, blankets, or even interlocking foam mat pieces can be used in lieu of a mat to soften the floor. If you have yoga props such as blocks and straps, they can be kept nearby for use. If you don't have those props, that's fine as I can bring those along. Having some water available is never a bad idea. It's important to stay hydrated, after all.


"Do I have to be quiet the entire time?"


Not at all! I'm a guest in your space. If you want to chat while you practice, we can do that. If you have any questions as we go along, I encourage you to ask at any point.


"Can my partner/friend/family member be part of practice?"


Yes, of course! It's a lot of fun to include another person in practice and may also provide an opportunity for some interactive yoga. Having that extra support of practicing with someone you know can be so nurturing and rewarding. You could make it a yoga party and invite a few extra friends to have a lighthearted class together.


I have watched people blossom because they've had the opportunity to practice yoga at home with the safety of a teacher monitoring them. In some cases, they're healing from emotional and physical ailments so practicing at home is a perfect solution for them. It has been an incredible joy to bring yoga to people on their turf and on their terms.

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