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March 31, 2017

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"I tried yoga once at home with a video I found online and...I dunno."


"Let me guess: you got overwhelmed and intimidated and gave up because the instructor was going too fast, doing poses which were impossible for you and not offering modifications, or it didn't say if it was for beginners."


"How did you know?!"


I have had this conversation with far too many people.  They have this hope of getting into yoga and love the ease of free videos online, but then get the idea that they can't do yoga because "what the hell is happening??"  Before I became a teacher, videos were part of my practice.  However, I had also gone to group classes many, many, many times before so I at least had a person who would offer cues for my body's abilities.  I was also careful of the yoga style I chose with videos and what levels they were intended for.  Nothing worse than thinking you're watching a video for beginners and the instructor is doing a bloody headstand.


Novices diving into yoga straight to videos are, from what I've seen, setting themselves up for frustration and, at worst, injury.  I'm not above doing guided yoga practices with videos.  In fact, I did two for Shaw TV which can be found here and here which are beginner-friendly and I do offer modifications.  ;) #cheapplug  I do, however, strongly recommend going to smaller scale group classes or having private yoga classes at home first before branching out to videos.  This way you can be safely guided through a practice with an experienced person observing you to offer modifications for your body.


As always, use your best judgment and don't be afraid to explore.  The yoga world has a lot to offer so please don't be put off by scary videos you may encounter.

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