Shifting Perspective

February 1, 2017

Conjured by

In November, I was in a teacher training class for physiologic yoga.  One of the guest speakers was Bonnie Schroeder who, frankly, is amazing.  I once was in a yin yoga class while she placed singing bowls on people and played them.  I was in supported reclined cobbler's pose when she placed a singing bowl on my diaphragm and made it sing.  I could feel the vibrations through my spine which moved me to tears.  She held my hands after and I thought I'd never let go.  But I digress.


During Bonnie's presentation, she discussed how people can become fixated on outcomes even if there is no absolute guarantee that it will happen.  As an example, someone with a family of heart disease may resign to a fate of, "Well, I'm going to die from a heart attack."  Sure, it may happen, but what if it doesn't?  Do you want to live in that state?  During this topic, I thought about my own experience with being diagnosed with endometriosis.  I was told to accept the results: that one day I would have to have a hysterectomy as that was the family history.  For awhile, I thought that may be...but then I stopped and thought, "No, this is not my fate.  I am taking my health into my own hands."  So I researched, spoke to my gynecologist who specializes in treating endometriosis, spoke to my naturopath, and told both of them what each said so there was further discussion.  The end result was finding the right fit for me which was not at all what worked for the other women in my family.  I can happily report that my outcome has been more successful and positive and without having to use artificial hormones.


What inspires us to change our perspectives when it comes to health so we can take charge of our healing?  What helps us move past the old habits of "everyone else in the family had this treatment/this result" or "I have to live with this pain because nothing has worked or will work"?  Does it begin with small shifts in perspectives on daily tasks?  A good start is really listening to what your body needs which is hard for a lot of people to listen past the old stories, the hurt, or whatever else.  Body scan meditations can assist with this as you bring your awareness on each part of the body.  





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