What's your body saying?

December 29, 2016

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Let's face it: we carry our emotions around with us and they get stored up in our bodies.  I think most people understand and accept that.  The upset stomachs from stress or fear, the headaches from held back tears, the aching necks and shoulders from "carrying the weight of the world" of lengthy to do lists, and so on.  This is why some yoga poses will bring out emotions in practitioners (especially if they're unresolved or stifled emotions) - hip openers bring out a LOT of feels!  Lately, my body has really been into big backbends (think wheel and wild thing poses).  I reflected on this and then recently found this packed away from our move:



"Holly, spontaneity and quick wit are my favourite fun traits in people.  You are a master of both.  Don't be afraid to let us see the other person.  It's great too!"


Unfortunately, it's not dated but I would suspect it's from my high school days and, if I recognize the handwriting correctly, that would have been written by my favourite, most supportive and inspiring teacher, Anthony Steffes.  He consistently encouraged me to be more expressive and not hide parts of myself away.  He wouldn't be the last person to encourage that, but I always felt like I couldn't be completely me for any number of reasons (fear of judgment, ridicule, misunderstanding, etc).


As I've grown to be more comfortable with my vulnerability and expressing it in ways like asking for help, being honest about what I'm feeling as opposed to "fine"/"nothing", my body has been open to that growth.  Doing big backbends is forcing the heart to shine, so to speak.  The chest is wide open, the underbelly (vulnerability) is shown for all the world to see.  It's a beautiful metaphor of showing and being receptive to love without worrying about risk.


Take a moment to check in.  What is your body asking for?  What is it being drawn to?  And ask yourself why.  "Let me hear your body talk!"

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