What's this all about?

What's "kayfabe"?

Kayfabe is a term used in professional wrestling which means to create an illusion or to uphold appearances.

What does that have to do with yoga?

Fun, random fact: My partner and I have a local wrestling promotion, Premier Championship Wrestling.  When I started teaching yoga, some of our wrestlers would ask me about it, but with the understanding of "kayfabe" (meaning "don't let people know I'm interested in yoga").  It became something of a joke and, well, the name stuck.

And you are...?

My name is Holly.  I started practicing yoga in 2006.  I graduated from a 300 hour teacher training program offered by Source Yoga in June 2016 which included training in Iyengar & anusara based alignment, yin and restorative, and vinyasa.  In December 2016, I completed a 100 hour teacher training in Physiologic Yoga which is based in physiotherapy and restorative yoga.  I am registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

My style of teaching is authentic and ridiculous because that's who I am.  You won't find any of that "live, laugh, love" stuff with me or fluffy metaphors.  There's a lot of laughing and having fun in my classes, both private and groups.  It's only yoga - we don't have to take it so seriously!  I love working with diverse people: all body types, abilities, and expressions are welcome.

My favourite part of teaching is the little moments: a group class when a student sneakily touches their toe which is something they always wanted to do; a private class when a client breaks out in giggles during certain poses.

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