Personal guided yoga in the comfort of your home

Getting to a yoga studio is the most common reason people have for not doing yoga.  There are many legitimate reasons for that:

  • TIME!  It's hard to find the time in our busy schedules to travel to a yoga studio then spend 60+ minutes there then go home.  Wouldn't it be nice if some of the hassle was alleviated by having a yoga instructor come to you?

  • ANXIETY.  It's stressful going to a yoga studio when you're starting out.  There are feelings of vulnerability.  (Fun fact: most yogis do not pay any mind to what other yogis are doing.)  Having my own experiences with social anxiety, this is not uncommon for people to feel.  Why not have an understanding instructor come to you and help build your confidence?

  • TOO MANY PEOPLE.  Many times people feel overwhelmed when going to a yoga studio and find the room is filled to the brim with bodies.  Students may have to sacrifice the full expression of some poses simply because there's no room to move!  By having a personal yoga instructor, you can be sure to have someone who monitors your progress, gradually eases you into poses with time and patience to avoid injury, and is able to challenge you regardless of the level you're at.

  • OTHER FEELS.  We all go through tough times or deal with depression, grief, stress, etc which then make self-care even harder to continue with.  Yoga can stir up a lot of feelings from euphoria to anger to sadness and so on.  Being in the comfort of your own home with a compassionate instructor can allow you to fully embrace your emotions and not feel as though they have to be stifled.